Mike and Dixie


Mike & Dixie

Link Maple Farm
4045 Macfarland Road
Taberg, NY 13471
(315) 336-3030

Hello. Our names are Mike & Dixie. We are 15 year old half brother & sister North American Spotted Draft Horses. We are a cross between a Percheron & a paint horse. We can be found pulling  wagons & sleighs for the Links on their farm.  Most of the time you can find us just horsing around in the pasture.


The Spotted Draft horse is the result of breeding certain draft breeds with other acceptable lighter bodied breeds to obtain the pinto coloring in a horse with the look of a draft. Spotted drafts can be found throughout history. They were used as war horses in medieval times where they were decorated in armor and carried men off to war. One of the first recorded Spotted Draft horses is believed to have been a Drum horse in the court of Queen Elizabeth I. These spotted horses also share a long history in the United States dating back to the mid 60's. (NASDHA)